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SpecTrain Creative

Another thing that sets the Spectrain experience apart is our media and content. Our creative team bring real expertise with creating professional content. As shooters themselves, they are able to tell stories through media that matter both to our students and partners.

Student Experience

When SpecTrain students sign up for a creative package, they are signing up for our creative team to pay individual attention especially to them, and for professional level pictures and video to be captured of their experience. All of this is edited for them and then they are given access to download it all for their personal use. Below are just some of the pictures and one of the videos that one our repeat students received as a part of his creative package. Packages are available with every open enrollment SpecTrain course.

While the photos definitely make you look cool, video can be a crucial part of the training experience as well. Apart from recording the experience, video can also help shooters find room for improvement, and give them ideas of things to work on in personal training. Below is an example of the kind of video a student would receive from a creative package.

Corporate Partners

Apart from providing great content to our students, our creative team is also able to provide incredible product related content both for our company partners, and in one-time packages. Below are some examples of what we can capture.


Thomas (@truegeorgiaboy) is our Creative Director & Lead Photographer & Videographer. As a shooter first, Thomas has taken our content to a whole new level. He provides our guests and clients with lasting memories during our training. He will take all the pictures and videos and make them available to our students for their personal growth and use. We use what he sees and documents to assist with ensuring we are putting the best possible product out for our guests. We also use video and pictures to debrief ourselves as instructors to help us continuously improve.


Justin is a follower of Christ and the newest member of our creative team. His passion for photography, videography, and firearms gives him a unique perspective that helps us continually improve our content. Quick on his feet and even quicker in the editing room, Justin captures our events and helps turn them into memorable content to share and learn from. Justin is also "wrong-handed", so if you have questions about southpaw gear or guns, feel free to stop and ask him!


1 John 3:16

By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.

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