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Critical Applications Pistol

Critical Applications Mentality

With Critical Pistol Applications, we wanted to take what we learned during Core and push further. Critical Pistol Applications will push you physically and mentally while focusing on skillset. Its more than a level 2 course, we make you ready and give you new found confidence while carrying everyday.

Start Where You Finished

Critical Applications is all about taking your skills to the next level, and learning how to apply those skills to real world environments and dynamics. We'll start the day with an advancement marksmanship package and help you find your personal threshold where you can consistently perform at a high level. Throughout the day we'll work on explosive movement, shooting on the move, target transitions, advanced target identification and precedence and much more.


Critical Application will push you as far as you want to go. You'll leave with a higher sense of awareness of your every day. You will leave us ready to defend yourself and what matters most. If you are ready to push further than being an armed citizen, Critical Application is the course for you.

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