Critical Applications - Combined Arms

Critical Applications - Combined Arms

Combined arms is all about learning to fight in real world environments for those who want to work with both their Primary and Secondary weapons systems. We'll start the day with a in-depth block of instruction on combined arms theory, explaining the pro's and con's of reloads or malfunctions clearance vs. weapons transitions, and apply this throughout the rest of the days work.

Throughout the day we'll apply the techniques of combined arms in a variety of different real world environments and scenarios. Blocks of emphasis will include an advanced marksmanship package, use of cover and concealment, malfunction clearance, working through injury and emergency medical.


- This is a level 2 Rifle and a Pistol Course. Therefore you have already completed Core (or equivilant) level 1 class for both Rifle and Pistol before attending combined arms. We will not have time in the day to get everyone up to speed on fundamental marksmanship.
- 400 Rounds training ammo for both Rifle & Pistol.
- A quality sling for you rifle is an absolute must. A two-point sling that can securely hold your Rifle against your body while shooting on the move with your Pistol is highly recommended.
- A quality kydex holster for pistol is also required. For this class and the kind of environments we are training for, an Outside-the-Waistband strong side holster works best.
- You should be able to reload each weapons system multiple times. Spare magazines can be stored in belt-mounted mag pouches, a plate carrier or chest rig, or another system such as the IC13 Invert.
-We highly recommend you have optics and iron sights (Pistol/Rifle) zeroed prior to your training day

-We will begin Promptly at 0800 with waiver signing, content building, introductions and safety brief. Please arrive early to allow for gear prep.

-Full gear list and exact location will be emailed upon registration.

-By entering payment information and completing an order you are certifying that you are of appropriate age for this training and that you are a U.S citizens who is legally allowed to possess a firearm. 

CLASS CANCELATION POLICY - Since our founding, SpecTrain has only canceled one class (due to COVID lockdowns). If we are ever forced to cancel a class again, a full refund or credit towards a future class will be offered. No refunds will be given for class tuition due to a student being unable to attend. With at least seven calander days notice, we will extend an equal value credit towards a future class. Without prior notice, no future credit will be issued.