Critical Applications - Rifle

Critical Applications - Rifle

Critical Rifle Application is our level 2 Rifle training and a follow up to Core Rifle. We will push you and the limits of weapon systems like never before. We will shoot on the move, fight in different positions, fight utilizing cover and inoculate stress and so much more. We start with a practical and quick method for confirming or even establishing a 50/200 yard zero and immediately start pushing the limits of accuracy of your weapon system and of your skillset. We then start multiple target transitions and overall put down some serious rounds down range.

We recommend the following:
-You bring your method for carrying your rifle, i.e. tennis racket bag, duffel bag or other.
-2-3 magazines
-Weapons maintenance equipment such as lubrication
-If you have any questions about your rifle/optic please ask ahead of time

We require:
-$25 Range Fee
-Completion of Core level training or verifiable Level 1 equivalent (case by case decision)
-Functioning and zeroed AR style platform with a reliable 1 or 2 point sling
-500 Rounds Rifle
*No steel core ammo or any rounds that would otherwise be banned at an indoor range.
-We will begin promptly at 0900 with waiver signing, safety brief, introductions and safety audit. Please arrive early to allow for gear prep.

-You can now have our Creative team focus on you and capture your training experience from start to finish. Choose "Pics & Vids/Download" when checking out.

-Full gear list and exact location will be emailed upon registration.

-By entering payment information and completing an order you are certifying that you are of appropriate age for this training and that you are a U.S citizens who is legally allowed to possess a firearm.


 - If you cancel 30 or more days before the class date you will receive a 50% refund.

 - If you cancel 14-30 days before the class date you will recieve a 25% refund.

 - If you cancel less than 14 days before the class date we are not able to offer a refund.