With over 40 years of combat Military and Law Enforcement experience, our instructors each bring a unique skillset to the table.  We are all students first and constantly push each other to new heights.  Each of us is charged with seeking outside training ourselves and are required to push the envelope and redevelop curriculum.  We have fought and won overseas and here in our communities and we leverage our victories and our lessons learned to prepare you for anything.  We take knowledge, first hand experience and training from Military, LE and the competitive shooting world and put forth training that is as practical as it is enjoyable to be a part of.  Our instructors have fought and competed against some of the best and worst that humanity has to offer.  Meet the staff who have taken and passed a stringent indcoc process to earn their place on our team. 


Our Founder: Chris founded SpecTrain with the goal of providing the best possible reality based training to students from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a diverse set of needs. With a long career in military and law enforcement, as well a significant investment in education from the performance shooting world, Chris was able to build the foundation of our Core curriculum and saw the value of gathering true experts around him to head up various programs of instruction.

Chris now instructs for Vortex Edge, but continues to be an influence on what we do at SpecTrain.



Billy Barton: Head Instructor & Leads SpecTrain's Performance Shooting Programs.


 Billy has had unique opportunities to train and shoot with some of the best shooters and instructors in the world, and is passionate about passing that knowledge and experience on to others.

Although Billy is a strong believer in personal protection and preparedness, he has really found a passion on the performance side of the house and became an avid competitive shooter in 2019. Billy was able to go from Unclassified in USPSA to Master class in 5 months, and continues to improve and find success.


Garrett Scrivani: Head of SpecTrain's Precision Rifle Programs

Garrett spent 5 years with the United States Marine Corps in 3/6 Scout Sniper Platoon. He graduated from Scout Sniper Basic Course and earned the title of HOG (Hunter of Gunmen), Special Operations Training Group's Urban Sniper, urban and rural reconnaissance courses and a wide array of other sniper, combat medical, and weapons employment courses. His greatest achievement was becoming Chief Scout and 1st Team leader of his platoon allowing him to mold future Scout Snipers, as well as  having the opportunity to work alongside some of the best men around during a combat deployment to Syria in support of OIR. He's worked and trained with  snipers and SF from the US, Italy, Israel, and Jordan and has a passion for learning as well as teaching.  Garrett is  a devout follower of Christ, a proud husband and a Law Enforcement Officer.


Trey Wade: Leads SpecTrain's Introductory Shooting Programs

Trey is a believer of Christ and avid marksman focused on the mindset and skillset that every day citizens can apply in both self-defense and competitive shooting environments. Trey brings a "common mans" background to the Cadre and instructs with a tone that resonates well with students regardless of their experience level. He is constantly pushing himself and those he trains with by keeping an open mind, challenging the status quo, and always being a student, even when instructing.


Logan Ellis: Leads SpecTrain's Medical Training

Logan is a husband, father and Physician Assistant Student (PA-S) at North Greenville University in Greenville, SC. He has 3+ years experience as an EMT/firefighter, during which time he had the privilege of helping provide life saving medical care to a variety of patients involved in GSWs, traumatic accidents and cardiac arrests. Logan has certifications in Basic Life Support (BLS), Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and is a certified instructor for the Stop the Bleed Coalition. Logan is an avid shooter and self defense proponent who participates in shooting competitions and training as often as his personal and academic lives allow. He believes that the knowledge and skills needed to fix holes is just as, if not more, important than knowing how to make them. 


Ed is a 7 year Combat Veteran with the US Army.  During his service with the Army, Ed attended 2 sniper/marksmanship courses and deployed with the 2nd infantry out of Ft Lewis WA to Iraq in support OIF 1 and 2.   He has since been with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department for 10 years.  During his time as a Police Officer, Ed participated in a grueling and highly competitive tryout process and was selected to the CMPD SWAT team.  Ed and Chris were partners in a high crime area of Charlotte and served on SWAT together. 


Rikki is a combat veteran of the US ARMY with the 1st Armored Division, and was deployed throughout Iraq from Tal Afar to Ramadi in a fighting role. He then got his degree in Cognitive Psychology, focusing on problem solving under duress. He then served as a protective security specialist for the State Department in Kandahar and Kabul, Afghanistan as a private contractor.


Mark. 7 years Law Enforcement in Gaston County, NC, 2 of which served on a Multi- Jurisdiction SWAT Team. Amateur Competitive Shooter.  Mark tends to surround himself more with real world scenario training on and off range. He enjoys training because he want to better serve the needs of his community in his career, during extreme stress incidents, and hold himself to a higher standard. He's part of the team because he feels he has something to give back with his training and experience.  Training with a group of guys with a variety of backgrounds also lends hand to putting plentiful amounts of tools in your tool box. 


JP is an active LEO, who has served with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department for 5 years. He also currently serves in the US Army reserves. During his time in law enforcement, JP has worked with a unit that specializes in the apprehension of violent criminals in the same high crime area that Chris & Ed have worked. JP is a strong believer in helping those around him, whether it’s on the range or in life. He prides himself on being able to learn from those around him, and to help share his life experiences for the betterment of others.


Bryce spent 6 years in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper assigned to 1-501 IN ABN in Alaska where he served as a team leader in an Infantry squad. He has one tour to Afghanistan (Nangargar and Laghman) serving primarily in a personal security detail capacity. Upon re-entering the civilian world his hobby of recreational shooting quickly turned into a passion for defensive training. His goal is to use his experience as a team leader to learn from, and pass on to others as much knowledge as possible. 


Taylor is a civilian shooter whose focus and dedication is aimed towards the self-defense lifestyle. He is a firm believer that others should be adept at protecting themselves and their loved ones. He takes a student first approach but is passionate about empowering others with knowledge he has gained throughout his journey. He takes his personal training seriously and enjoys engaging with others who share the same passion for training, learning, and advancing their defensive skills.



Brennan is our newest assistant instructor to join SpecTrain and brings a great skill set and body of knowledge to the team. He is a real student of shooting, has trained with some great instructors, and is excited about passing that education on to others. Brennan is a competitive and defensive shooter and is passionate about training in both self defense and performance.