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Billy Barton

Billy Barton: Head Instructor & Leads SpecTrain's Performance Shooting Programs.


Billy has had unique opportunities to train and shoot with some of the best shooters and instructors in the world, and is passionate about passing that knowledge and experience on to others. He has currently personally invested in over 250 hours of professional shooting training and continues seek out new sources of information each year. Some of the instructors he has learned from and recommends to others include FPF Training, Warrior Poet Society, Modern Samurai Project, Achilles Heal Tactical, Point 1 Tactics, Farewell Firearms Training, Rune Nation, Bill Blowers, Ben Stoeger and JJ Racaza.   

Billy's training is motivated by a foundation of personal protection and preparedness, but he has also found a passion on the competition side of the house and started regularly competing in USPSA in 2019. Billy was able to go from Unclassified in USPSA to Master class in under 6 months, and is now a Grandmaster in USPSA Carry Optics.


Garrett Scrivani: Head of SpecTrain's Precision Rifle Programs

Garrett spent 5 years with the United States Marine Corps in 3/6 Scout Sniper Platoon. He graduated from Scout Sniper Basic Course and earned the title of HOG (Hunter of Gunmen), Special Operations Training Group's Urban Sniper, urban and rural reconnaissance courses and a wide array of other sniper, combat medical, and weapons employment courses. His greatest achievement was becoming Chief Scout and 1st Team leader of his platoon allowing him to mold future Scout Snipers, as well as  having the opportunity to work alongside some of the best men around during a combat deployment to Syria in support of OIR. He's worked and trained with  snipers and SF from the US, Italy, Israel, and Jordan and has a passion for learning as well as teaching.  Garrett is  a devout follower of Christ, a proud husband and a Law Enforcement Officer.



Trey is a believer of Christ and avid marksman focused on the mindset and skillset that every day citizens can apply in both self-defense and competitive shooting environments. Trey brings a "common mans" background to the Cadre and instructs with a tone that resonates well with students regardless of their experience level. He is constantly pushing himself and those he trains with by keeping an open mind, challenging the status quo, and always being a student, even when instructing.


Ed is a 7 year Combat Veteran with the US Army.  During his service with the Army, Ed attended 2 sniper/marksmanship courses and deployed with the 2nd infantry out of Ft Lewis WA to Iraq in support OIF 1 and 2.   He has since been with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department for 12 years.  During his time as a Police Officer, Ed participated in a grueling and highly competitive tryout process and was selected to the CMPD SWAT team where he continues to serve.

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