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Cold Start Target

We are happy to now offer downloadable, printable targets.  Our first is SPECtrain's Cold Start.  You'll load your initial pistol magazine with 8 rounds and have a full reload mag.  The drill is meant to be shot at the 3 yard line and meant to test your ability to keep your eyes moving and push accuracy and speed.  Download, print and shoot this target and don't forget to use #SPECTRAINCOLDSTART on social media and show us what you've got.  

Cold Start.png
Anatomy Target

There are plenty of anatomy shooting targets available out there, but we decided to make our own because we wanted our to be a little different. We tried to make it as anatomically accurate as possible, highlight all the effective hit areas, and gives a realistic aiming area for most effective head shots. As it happens, a box the size of a 3x5 card covers the essential brain structures almost perfectly, which means that 3x5 cards can be used as replacement "Cores" for a shot out target.

anatomy thumbnail.jpg
Mechanics Target

The SPECtrain mechanics target is a great target for an overall assessment of a shooters fundamental skills with a combined arms. We initiate this drill with inducing physical stress, and then run through both Rifle & Pistol skills including speed work and more precise shooting, along with a transition and reloads for both platforms.

mechanics drill.png
Zero Target

The SpecTrain zero target was designed and continues to be in development to help as many shooters as possible zero their optics with one target, regardless of mount height. There are a lot of zero targets out there and we have to give credit to guys like Kinetic Consulting. However, in classes full of guys with different setups we wanted one target that works for everybody.

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