From low profile everyday clothing and bags to Military and Law Enforcement uniforms, Vertx has you covered.  We each carry a Vertx bag every single day and trust them with our most valuable assets.

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If you shoot as much as we do and are tired of headaches, or eye pro breaking the seal of your stock ear pro cups and letting to much sound in or just being uncomfortable, this is the upgrade for you. The gel spreads and softens the scalp pressure that causes headaches over time, and the eye pro relief cut helps increase sound isolation and comfort.


We believe when carrying a firearm everyday, you should carry an additional magazine and ammo.  Neomag has made this easy and comfortable with a simple yet highly effective solution.  We have carried, beaten and battered our Neomags and they have not quit on us. Craig is a super humble dude who makes great products, check him out and use our code to save on spare mags and a Neomag of your own. 



DP Custom Works

Doug provides slide milling done right.  Craftsmanship you can trust on the X.


Josh and his team have put out some very cool products, one of which in particular I carry with me every day, The INVRT.  Be sure to check them out and pick up one of their awesome bandoliers.


Arc Division

Clay and his team have put down a product that gives you that edge, that unfair advantage I trust everyday. Pick up a Comp from Arc and feel the difference. 


Live the Creed

As a firearms training we have a real appreciation for self defense related gear. But just as important is the gear that might allow you save yourself or someone else in an emergency medical situation. From compact EDC gear to the Gunfighter IFAK, LTC has you covered.