Core classes are designed to be an entry level class like no other. We wanted to build a course that welcomes brand new shooters, but also brings value to shooters that already have an already established skillset. To accomplish this, each class will have an exceptional instructor-to-student ratio, allowing instructors to tailor to the class experience to each students needs.

We also wanted a set of courses that doesn't just give you basic marksmanship skills, but actually teaches you how to fight with your weapon. While we absolutely begin with building a foundation of fundamentals, we build shooters up as quickly as possible to drills and concepts usually reserved for higher levels of training. We do this by focusing on the things that self-defense minded shooters need, and no wasting time on things you don't.

Critical Applications

Critical Applications is a wealth of collective experience and training, combined to bring to you a level 2 training course like no other.   We take everything you learned during Core and apply those skillsets to challenging drills and scenarios. 


We start the day by taking inventory of  fundamentals and skillsets and quickly get into fighting.  This course will push you like never before.  We put a lot of rounds down range, making every single hit count.  You'll also dive into physiological and the mentality behind why we train the way we do and why it is important to apply and test the fundamentals under stress.


You must complete a Core class for the Critical Applications course you wish to register for.


Level-up competition Pistol

This course is all about helping competition and performance shooters and leveling up their performance. Whether you are an  experienced shooter new to competition, or a long time competitor finally getting serious about shooting at a master/grandmaster level, this class is for you.


1-Day Performance Pistol Mechanics

This course is all about helping students learn to run their pistols at the highest level. If you have an established skillet including fundamental marksmanship and safety, but are looking to take your performance to the next level, this course is for you.