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Billy Drill Standards - Pistol

When putting the Billy Drill together I wanted a benchmark drill that gives a shooter a good estimation of their on demand ability to be fast an accurate on targets of varying difficulty.

A bill drill or a "billy" as it's sometimes referred to is simply 6 rounds from the draw on a single target. Usually into a USPSA A-zone at 7 yards. I like 6 rounds, it's enough that it somewhat eliminates luck, and also tests the durability of the grip structure.

In the Level-Up course we discuss different formulas of sights and trigger control that reliably equal Alpha hits on different difficulty targets. Assuming open USPSA a-zones, I find 7, 15 and 25 yard distances are pretty good representations of target difficulties that require significantly different techniques if we really want to guarantee all alphas.

I also wanted a scoring system that required speed, but also requires high accuracy. With this drill, hit factor would emphasize speed over accuracy a bit too much, so we went with time-plus. In addition to your raw time, add .5 seconds for each charlie, 1 second for each delta, and 5 seconds for each mike.

See the below video for a full explanation and demonstration of the drill.

Patch Recipients

The intention of the Billy Drill is for use as a benchmark drill. When approaching a benchmark, the idea is not to run it over and over to learn how to best game the drill. The idea is to improve the required skills over time, and show improvement over your previous score in a linear fashion.

With this in mind there is no such thing as "good enough", but we had to set a mark to give people a goal, inspire training, and reward good performance on demand in class. My personal goal is to always be below 9 seconds, the patch mark in class is 10.

To earn a "Speed Up & Get Your Hits" patch, you get one chance per day, in person with lead instructor Billy Barton. Below are current patch recipients.

1. Rob Wetzel - ORD 8/22

2. Brennan Brennecke - Gun Craft 1/23

3. Chris Urrutia - Vortex Edge 3/23

T4. Gil Narvaez - SpecTrain HQ 3/23

T4. Kevin Fan - SpecTrain HQ 3/23

T6. Matt Hale - ETTS 5/23

T6. Zach Kong - ETTS 5/23

T6. Mike Carnevale - ETTS 5/23

9. Hunter Burn - SpecTrain HQ 6/23


Along with the in-person patch recipients, a social-media leaderboard is hosted @spectrain_nc. The rules are simple. Post a full run showing clean targets etc, tag @spectrain_nc. Below are the current leaderboards for open and concealment.


1. Nick Dhalberg 6.93

2. Sean Griffith 7.08

3. Brennan Brennecke 7.26


1. Brantley Merriam 7.83

2. Jack Clawson 8.34

3. Chris Urrutia 9.31

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