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2-Day Performance Pistol Mechanics
  • 2-Day Performance Pistol Mechanics

    This course is great for anyone wanting to get faster, and more accurate in any practical shooting context. This course features a heavy emphasis on the mechanics of shooting, and does not involve competition stage work like our Level-Up Course


    Primary Areas of Instruction Include

    • Fundamentals deep dive, emphasis on grip, trigger control and vision.
    • The formulas of speed and accuracy on targets of varying difficulty including differing aiming schemes and trigger control technique. (This culminates in the Billy Drill Standards with a chance for the Speed Up & Get Your Hits patch).
    • The Draw Stroke, including a discussion of the scoop vs snatch draw, and Billy's hybrid draw. This will also include different start positions.
    • Reloads
    • Single Handed Shooting
    • Advanced Target Transitions including blending transition styles through targets of differing difficulties, and correct prioritizing of speed vs. accuracy on target arrays.
    • Efficient movement between and through shooting positions.
    • Shooting on the Move


    IMPORTANT: This class is not intended for beginners, and should not be your first training class. It is critical that students have already built sub-conscious competence with firearms safety and have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of marksmanship. To give an example of recommended skill level, students should have a draw time of below 2 seconds and be able to consistently get A-zone hits at 15 yards. This class is designed to help shooters hone and take an existing skill-set to the next level.


    Basic Gear List:

    - OWB holster and mag pouches or competition rig recommended. If a shooter is already proficient with an IWB positon such as AIWB and prefers to use an EDC holster that is acceptable as well.

    - Suitable Rifle or Pistol Caliber Carbine

    - Enough magazines to carry at least 60 rounds on your person.

    - We expect to shoot around 1000 over the two days.

    - Athletic footwear with an aggresive tread recommened.

    -Full gear list and exact location will be emailed after registration.

    -By entering payment information and completing an order you are certifying that you are of appropriate age for this training and that you are a U.S citizen who is legally allowed to possess a firearm.


    CLASS CANCELATION POLICY - Since our founding, SpecTrain has only canceled one class. If we are ever forced to cancel a class again, a full refund or credit towards a future class will be offered. No refunds will be given for class tuition due to a student being unable to attend. With at least seven calander days notice, we will extend an equal value credit towards a future class. Without prior notice, no future credit will be issued.

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