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Core Rifle
  • Core Rifle

    Core classes are typically scheduled back to back, Saturday/Sunday. If you wish to take the full Core Weekend, add both courses to cart and use code COREWEEKEND to save 20%.


    "Core". The name for this course was carefully chosen. You've probably heard many similar monikers like "fundamental", "level 1", "intro", "Beginner" etc. But for us none of those fit. The idea for this class is simple. Take what we see as the Core fundamental skills for any practical shooting discipline (whether that be self/home defense or competition) and give students as in-depth of an understanding as we can in 8 hours, and send you home with 6 months to a year of homework. For us those skills are as follows.


    - Accuracy: If you can't hit stuff, nothing else matters.

    - Speed: If you can hit stuff, but can't hit it in time, it still doesn't matter.

    - Gun Handling Skills: Draws, reloads, the essentials.

    - Target Transitions: Whether transitioning between multiple targets or simply driving the gun to a target when the target location was unknown, target transition mechanics are absolutely essential for the tactical or performance shooter.

    - Movement: Neither gunfights or matches happen flat-footed. Movement is almost always a key factor. We'll work on entering and exiting shooting positions with efficiency, as well as shooting on the move.


    With individual attention and coaching for each student, shooters with various backgrounds and levels are welcome. This should not be your very first training. This course will teach you how to load/unload your pistol etc. Students should already understand how their firearm works, understand the safety rules and be able to safely move around a range without supervision etc. With that said there is no skill-based speed or accuracy pre-requisite. Whether you are beginner level, or a long-time law enforcement officer looking to grow your skills, this course will push you to the next level.


    Primary Gear List: (Note: no pistol required, this is a rifle course) (Note: plate carrier and other tactical gear not required, this is a Rifle shooting course, not a how to wear your plates course. With that said if you want to get reps in your kit, feel free.)

    - Modern Reliable Magazine-fed Semi-Automatic Carbine. AR-15 platform is generally standard. AK, SCAR etc also welcome. Feel free to message with questions on this. Make sure to be prepared to do required maintenance such as cleaning and lubrication at a minimum to keep your rifle running. Spare parts such as a BCG, or even a full backup rifle are great to bring if you have them. SpecTrain will have demo rifle's available as backups at Carolina classes as well.

    - Sling: Having your rifle slung at all times is required as a matter of safety and class flow. We highly recommend a 2-point, and discourage 3-point. Single point is acceptable, but will honestly be a pain for a full day on the range.
    -A minimum of 3 magazines. At least one rifle mag pouch is also ideal, the rest can be carried in pockets etc.
    - 500 Rounds minimum, 750 recommended. No steel core ammo allowed, steel case welcomed. If you bring steel core on the range you will be responsible for damaged steel.
    - Plenty of water, sunblock, lunch, snacks, whatever else you may need.

    We will begin promptly at 0900. Please arrive early to allow for gear prep.

    Full gear list and exact location will be emailed upon registration.

    By entering payment information and completing an order you are certifying that you are of appropriate age for this training and that you are a U.S citizens who is legally allowed to possess a firearm.

    CLASS CANCELATION POLICY - Since our founding, SpecTrain has only canceled one class (due to COVID lockdowns). If we are ever forced to cancel a class again, a full refund or credit towards a future class will be offered. No refunds will be given for class tuition due to a student being unable to attend. With at least seven calander days notice, we will extend an equal value credit towards a future class. Without prior notice, no future credit will be issued.

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