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Occam Defense DIY Lube Syringe Kit

Occam Defense DIY Lube Syringe Kit


Whether you are using SpecTrain Splitz Sauce or not, a constant problem is carrying lube in your range bag. Every single solution I've tried has leaked over the years especially on flights, until Occam. Over years of hard use, these syringes have never once leaked for me. The side walls are crush-proof, the plunger isn't inserted during travel, and the gasket allows for pressure changes.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that you can continue to refill and use with the lube of your choice. Thanks to Occam I've been able to get on board as a dealer for these kits and am passing on the lowest available pricing to you guys as a companion product to the splits sauce.


Occam Kit Includes

- 30 cc master syringe, (3) 1.25cc fill syringes, refill adapter, (3) 22 gauge and 14 gauge needles.

For a video on the Spectrain Splitz Sauce and how to use the Occam kit visit:

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