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Splitz Sauce - Blaster Lube
  • Splitz Sauce - Blaster Lube

    The best gun lube I've ever used. Moves like Oil, sticks like Grease.


    The Story. Over the years I've gotten really fed up with the lube industry. It's full of companies reselling vegetable oil under a cool name for as much as a 42400% markup. To disguise this, they sell you a very small amount so you have to regularly re-order. In addition, it doesn't work that well. Most gun lubes are straight oil, which certainly has great lubrication properties. The problem is that motor oil for instance is designed for a closed system, where the oil can't escape. Guns aren't that. If you lube an AR BCG properly with straight oil and put it in your safe, oil will be pooled on the floor by the next morning. Grease on the other hand has it's own set of problems, primarily it's resistance to movement, which will retard the motion of something like an AR bolt and attract lots of debris.


    Years ago I bought some tools and started mixing my own components to get a thicker gun oil. The idea for me is that it should be light enough to not restrict movement and migrate as needed, but heavy enough to stick where you put it and not get immediately blown off.


    I never expected to be selling this, but after mentioning it on the Speed Up & Get Your Hits Podcast I've continually gotten DM's about it, so here we are. Obviously, at these prices per oz this isn't a money-making venture for me, but I can pass along a high-quality product at an actually reasonable price that's a win in my book.


    Another issue I ran into was how to carry lube in my range bag without it leaking. I regularly travel and fly with my guns, and lube blowing up in your range bag really sucks. The solution I came to years ago was the Occam Lube Syringes. Over years of hard use, these syringes have never once leaked for me. The side walls are crush-proof, the plunger isn't inserted during travel, and the gasket allows for pressure changes.


    This is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase that you can continue to refill and use with the lube of your choice. Thanks to Occam I've been able to get on board as a dealer for these kits and am passing on the lowest available pricing to you guys as a companion product to the splits sauce.


    Occam Kit Includes

    - 30 cc master syringe, (3) 1.25cc fill syringes, refill adapter, (3) 22 gauge and 14 gauge needles.

      PriceFrom $6.45
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