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1-Day performance Pistol Mechanics

Performance shooting is all about speed and accuracy. Shooting fast isn't that hard, shooting accurately isn't that hard, but combining the two sets the intermediate shooter apart from the novice. Being able to dynamically blend speed and accuracy to meet contextual variables is what defines the advanced performance shooter.

The fundamentals of speed and accuracy are universal in shooting, whether you are carrying a pistol for duty and self defense, or are strictly a performance or competition shooter. While this is class will not be about "tactics" there will be great applications on both sides of the fence.

The focus of this class is simple, helping people learn to run their gun at the highest level possible.
Primary Areas of Instruction Include
  • Fundamentals deep dive including stance, grip, trigger control, visual processing, the performance draw stroke, and why different styles are ideal for certain individuals and firearms.
  • Different Styles of the Performance Draw Stroke (including OWB vs. IWB as applicable).
  • The formulas of speed vs. accuracy on targets of varying difficulty including differing levels of sight confirmation and trigger control.
  • Gear choices and setups.
  • Efficient movement between and through shooting positions.
  • Shooting on the Move.
  • Advanced Target Transitions including blending transition styles through targets of differing difficulties, and correct prioritizing of speed vs. accuracy on target arrays.
This class differs from Core SpecTrain classes in that it is a small group intensive course designed for shooter with some level of pre-established skill. Class sizes are limited to 10 students and will be taught by USPSA GM Billy Barton

IMPORTANT: This class is not intended for beginners, and should not be your first training class. It is critical that students have already built sub-conscious competence with firearms safety and have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of marksmanship. To give an example of recommended skill level, students should have a draw time of below 2 seconds and be able to consistently get A-zone hits at 20 yards. This class is designed to help shooters hone and take an existing skill-set to the next level.
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