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Core Pistol

CORE Mentality

We wanted our introductory level Pistol Course to be much more than basic.  We wanted to go beyond shooting tight groups on paper.  We wanted to prepare you and that's what we've done.  


What to Expect

We will begin by repping out fundamentals.  We start building you from the ground up beginning with stance and working all the way through the moment you press the trigger. This course will waste no time in getting you ready and quickly builds both accuracy and speed as it relates to overall performance in a gun fight.  We also throw in a good bit of movement and shooting on the move as we believe those are crucial skills.

 Plan to have a great time while learning how to fight. 


We have a sterling record of getting our guests confident and ready in a supportive environment fast.  You will meet and train with shooters of all levels and leave prepared.  Pistol CORE is for everyone.

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