You asked, we delivered. Our second run of patches is here. These patches have been a long time in the making and mean a great deal to me personally. We have come so far as a company and have met many awesome people with the platform we have been blessed with. Be a part of that by picking up a patch. 

Go Patch

When we changed our logo by rotating the center triangle we did it with a purpose. The symbol known as play or Go is exactly what we want you to do. Go and do something, live life and train hard each and every day. We want you to have a reminder to Go when it counts.

Juvat Sticker

These stickers are flat out tough.  Put them on your safe, car, MRAP or Bearcat and take us where ever you go.  

Fortes Sticker

A bigger version of our previous sticker.  Same great quality and available in FDE.  Get one today!