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Remote Coaching - Single Session

Remote Coaching - Single Session

Coaching is often overlooked by shooters looking to improve their game. Coaching is a huge part of pretty much every other sport or athletic pursuit, doesn't matter if you are in JV or you are Tiger Woods, you have a coach.


In-person classes are fantastic and are the foundation of our coaching, but these can be cost-prohibitive and are in limited locations across the country. Individual remote coaching sessions offer the opportunity for one-off sessions to help work through issues you may be having, or to simply learn more about a particular subject. 


For folks that are looking to rapidly improve and are willing to put in the time and work, I also offer a monthly subscription. The subscription comes with weekly coaching. One week per month can be a scheduled video call for in-depth updates, with video footage submitted for the other weeks. Submitted video footage can be of dry fire training, live fire training, match footage etc. We will work together to target specific things for you to work on and develop a training plan to help you accomplish your goals.

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