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Core Rifle

CORE Mentality

Core Rifle was designed for those of us who are near a Rifle during their day.  Whether its a First Responder who's department has a rifle program or us everyday protectors of home and family. Rifle CORE gets you ready. 

What To Expect

We created Core Rifle to get shooters of all levels and backgrounds to a level of confident proficiency in a crisis situation. Our CORE (level 1) was founded with over a two decade of combined Law Enforcement, Military and Personal Protective experience. 


Our instructors will work with you whether its building you up as a new shooter or dialing in or fine tuning an already existent skill set. We begin with building a fighting stance and work all the way up to the moment you pull the trigger. Rifle CORE involves diagnosing "The Click"  and an array of drills designed to help you find confidence in carrying and protecting what matters most.  We also throw in a good bit of movement and shooting on the move as we believe those are crucial skills.


Rifle CORE is designed for everyone and will get you ready.  You will leave us with the necessary skill set and basic playbook to get you through a crisis situation with your Rifle in the fight.  

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