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Critical Applications Rifle

Critical Application

We wanted to take what we learned during Core and push further. Critical Rifle Applications will push you physically and mentally while stressing transition fundamentals. Its more than a level 2 Rifle course we make you ready and will instill in you new found confidence with your Rifle.

Start Where You Finished

We will shoot on the move, fight in different positions, fight utilizing cover and inoculate stress and so much more.  We start with a practical and quick method for confirming or even establishing a 50/200 yard zero and immediately start pushing the limits of accuracy of your weapon system and of your skillset. We then start multiple target transitions and overall put down some serious rounds down range.


Critical Rifle Application is able to find your limits and push you far beyond. The vast majority of us have families, loved ones and people who look to us for protection.  Learn to do so and be ready with your rifle.


We will push you as far as you want to go. You'll leave Rifle  with a higher sense of awareness of your every day. You will leave us ready to defend yourself and what matters most. If you are ready to push further than being an armed citizen, Critical Rifle Application is the course for you.

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